An-San Key Carisma Key Cutting Machine

An-San Key Carisma Key Cutting Machine

  • Electronic control unit
  • Three separate motors independent of each other
  • Ergonomic design
  • Horizontal Working System

No need to worry, you can do it with Carisma, all-in-one ...

TR-3000 Carisma model designed for all your copying needs in cylinder, car, fiam and key switch variants

You will not believe your speed ...

In general, automatic key-copy machines have the same turn-around and turn-around times. Operation in this way causes excessive force on the cutter assembly unnecessarily during copying, which causes both the cutting tool to quickly blunt and not to process the key surface smoothly. With the Speed Control System feature developed by Ansan Arge team for automatic machines, the turn / turn speeds are programmed separately and the fastest time against their competitors is achieved. Carisma, with a key copying time of 35 seconds, uses 25 seconds of this employee's cutting action and 10 seconds of backward use.

100% opening guarantee on the copied key ...

The most striking feature of the Carisma series is the linear vise system. Circular clamp systems increase the error rate with the loss of angle due to the operating systems, while copying the low code and high code difference of the passwords of the cylinders. Even if the copied key is not original, the copied key error rate is zero because the copied key always moves in the center of the copied key with the cutter and follower center key.

Do not worry about shaft thicknesses in case keys, Carisma is the best central setting for you ...

Since the casing part moves separately, the clamping operation always works in the same center, if the key thickness is different. In addition, the use of a roller bearing compression method on the mangene ensures that the movement is comfortable and smooth.

Electronic Control Unit is an electronic hardware developed by Ansan R & D team for products. The microprocessor on the machine provides both the operation and control of all the components and records all the operations performed on the machine. In this way, maximum safety against all kinds of failures is ensured and also the vesting of the cutting tool, the maintenance time and various service required conditions are reported both in video and audio. * The digital screen allows you to report the number of keys taken daily, weekly, monthly and totally.


* The digital panel required to use the daily report tracking system is optional equipment and sold separately.

Low wattage consumption, high and efficient power ...

With the new engine technology developed, maximum power is obtained with the lowest consumption, and you can safely use it for long years with this new generation motor which is silent and maintenance free.

Ansan R & D team thinking about nature at the time of product development did not use your machine at a time and made it wait for the lowest consumption. Even if the machine is plugged in, the A + is ready with energy consumption.

Eco-friendly and comfortable lighting with specially designed LED lighting focused on the right area ...

Due to the short operating life of the mechanical buttons and short maintenance periods, alternative control systems are needed today and the most used system is designed to provide you with reliable control over your machine for years and ergonomic position on the machine.

The products we manufacture have passed all safety tests in compliance with international standards and are manufactured according to these standards. Our company is the only firm that has the certificate of service competency issued by the Turkish Standards Institute. The electrical and electronic equipment on the products are produced from recyclable materials with all the parts used together with all necessary certifications.

So you can use it safely ...

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An-San Key Carisma Key Cutting Machine

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