An-San Key Omega Milling Machine

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  • TR-2050 Omega model has all the features required for laser and ball key duplication as well as many extra equipment. Experience the privilege of having these features developed by the Ansan R&D team...


    The main thing in a key machine is the vices that hold the key. Equipped with a vise coded MN-02050, the Omega model puts an end to the key holding principle with the conventional apparatus. In addition to the three different connection points on the vise, various surfaces on these sections offer you the opportunity to connect many key groups without the need for an apparatus.


    Keep up with the movement, because Omega is aware of what you are doing...

    The Motion Sensitive Run feature offers both safe and economical use with the engine running only during the key cutting process. This feature also automatically turns on the lighting of the machine when you start working. Even if you do not open the adjustment system when you start the adjustment process, Omega understands this and starts the system automatically. Some users, after the operation on one side of the key is finished, turn the key without turning off the breaker to process the other side, which causes unwanted accidents. Energy saving is also provided as the machine does not operate outside of use.

    All handles on the machine, such as hand-held key clamping handles, cutting handle, and body lowering handle, are ergonomically designed. This design not only facilitates the use while copying the key, but also ensures that the key connected to the vise is tightened with the right shape and strength.

    Electronic Control Unit is an electronic equipment developed by Ansan R&D team for products. With a smart processor on the electronic circuit board of the machine, the operation, lighting, movements and many other systems of the machine are controlled by this processor. Even if you are not aware of it, it is always ready for all the processes necessary for you in the background.


    Low watt consumption, high and efficient power...

    With the newly developed engine technology, maximum power is obtained with the lowest consumption, and you can safely use your machine for many years with this silent and maintenance-free new generation engine.

    Considering nature in product development, Ansan's R&D team has ensured that your machine is ready with the lowest consumption when you are not using it. After your work with Omega is finished, it warns you audibly and visually after one minute.

    Environmentally friendly and comfortable lighting with specially designed LED lighting focused on the right area, and you don't need to turn on the lighting yourself because Omega automatically turns it on when it realizes you need it...


    You can use the Fix Feature fixation feature adapted to all axes in order to constantly repeat the fixed axis movements in the key duplication process and to eliminate your power consumption . With this feature, you can also minimize the fatigue on your cutter by making gradual cutting and keep the life of the cutting tool longer. For this, it is enough to turn the hand buttons on the XYZ axes.

    The X and Y axes of the machine are equipped with a high precision ball bearing system. The password systems of today's locks work on a micro scale and unfortunately do not accept measurement errors that occur during copying. The most important feature of the ball runner system is that it does not flex during operation and thus high precision copying is possible. In addition to its ease of use and sensitive operation, the system also has a design that does not require lubrication and maintenance. In this way, Omega will continue to serve you stably for many years without the need for service.

    Due to the short working life and maintenance periods of mechanical buttons, alternative control systems are needed today, the most used system is membrane buttons, which are designed to allow you to safely control your machine for years and are placed in an ergonomic position on the machine.  


    Since each of the tools used in the copying process of Ball and Laser type keys is different, the tools are changed by changing the process. Since the dimensions of these tools are different from each other, a calibration is required to introduce these tools to the machine after the tool is changed. With the Electronic Sensitive Setting system developed for this calibration, you will be able to calibrate your machine quickly and with high precision, moreover, in a few seconds...


    The products we produce have passed all safety tests in terms of compliance with international standards and are manufactured according to these standards. Our company is the only company that has the service adequacy certificate given by the Turkish Standards Institute. Although the electrical and electronic equipment on the products have all the necessary certificates, all the parts used are produced from recyclable materials.

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