An-San XCUT High Resolition key profile cutting machine

Product Code : MAN0109
8,500.00 EUR
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  • This is the date with the CDM-109 X-Cut, you don't want to have a mini raw key factory in your workplace?
    If the key you want to copy has not been produced or you don't have it in stock at that moment, you can generate a new raw key by swiping the original key with X-Cut, and within a few minutes ...


    You will not believe the speed ...

    X-Cut, which has an unusual structure, has four different axis movements, the reading and cutting axes move independently of each other. 

    X-Cut is able to successfully copy keys with the finest channel width thanks to the nano-read reading tips. The strength behind this success is due to the design at the reading end, where the Ansan R & D team has worked on it for many years. 





    With three different points on the X-Cut reading clamp, all desired switches can be easily connected to the clamp.   After the key is connected to the vice, the model of the connected key and the type of copy operation are selected.   Reading takes about one minute with high-resolution scanning with nano-technology reading tips.




    The machine identifies the raw key suitable for the scanned switch and automatically positions it for you to connect.   Two different types of raw switches are available in four different thicknesses. X-Cut selects the appropriate size switch.   Fully automated, X-Cut will physically check the accuracy and dimensions of the automatically connected switch. 




    Cutting takes from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the profile structure of the switch and according to the preferred copying option.    During the cutting process, the shavings are poured into the shavings under the vise.     The switch is ready for use after the excess of the end of the cut-off switch has been cut.



    Happy customers with X-Cut, which provides a professional solution to your raw key needs in a few steps and in a short time ....


    You can work for many years with the LCD screen and touch capacitive buttons integrated with X-Cut to increase ease of use and processing speed. The by Step by Step ”interface system is user-friendly and eliminates operating errors.



    She is very meticulous about it because it doesn't worry about cleaning ... 

    The X-Cut switch stores the chips that come out during cutting into the removable chip tray placed under the cutter section. Thanks to this sawdust container you can easily remove and clean the area around the machine and itself is always clean. All you need to do is empty this container at the end of the process, it's quite practical ...


    Electronic Control Unit is an electronic equipment developed by Ansan R & D team for the products. The microprocessor on the machine ensures the operation and control of all components and also records all the operations performed on the machine. This ensures maximum safety against any malfunction and also provides visual and audible warning of various service requirements such as blanking of the cutting tool and maintenance time. 





    Low watt consumption, high and efficient power ...

    X-Cut has a powerful and stable DC motor to create the most precise switch profiles. For this reason, maximum power is obtained with the lowest consumption, and you can safely use your machine for many years with this silent and maintenance-free new generation engine.

    Ansan R & D team, which considers nature in product development, ensured that your machine is ready with the lowest consumption when you are not using it. Even if your machine is plugged in, it is ready with A + energy consumption.

    The cutting section is illuminated by environmentally friendly LED technology.





    Weight (Kg)
  • General features :

    Handle Ergo :
    Touch control panel :
    High resolution scanning :
    20mm Precision cutter :
    ECU :
    Led Light :
    Standby System :
    Power Economy :
    Audible status alerts :
    Illuminated status alerts :

    System features :

    ho.wo. System :
    100% Sensitivity :
    Easily Copy System :
    Automatic Action :
    LCD Display :
    Capacitive Control Panel :
    Original Dimension Tech. :
    Sensitive Copying System :
    4 independent movements :
    Step by Step technology :

    Vise Features:

    Clamp Complete Tech. :
    Easy Connect System :
    Internal illuminated vise :
    Undamaged key compression :
    Anodized vise body :
    Vise protection cover :
    Chip evacuation system :

    Body Specifications:

    Aluminum Alloy Housing :
    Cast Iron Body :
    Electrostatic Paint :
    ABS Plastic Parts :
    Aluminum Alloy Parts :
    Cast Iron Parts :
    Lightweight Design :
    Carbon Fiber Pattern Cover :

    Comfort Features:

    Automatic burr protection :
    Cutter protection :
    HSS cutter :
    Carbide Cutter : HE IS
    Removable shavings :
    Silent DC Motor :
    Maintenance Free Motor :
    Maintenance Free Axes :
    C13 Cable Entry :
    Anti-vibration feet :
    Wide viewing angle :

    Technicial Specifications :

    Motor power : 60 w
    Engine Speed : 30000 rpm
    Number of Engines : one
    Cutting tool : 20x0.3x5
    Cutting Tool Life **  : 10S
    Voltage* : 220V
    Frequency* : 50 Hz
    Consumption : 0,10 Kw
    Recycling Materials :
    Max. Electrical Safety :
    CE :
    Product size | Most : 41cm
    Product size | Size : 42cm
    Product size | Height : 35cm
    Packaging | Most : 55cm
    Packaging | Size : 55cm
    Packaging | Height : 60cm
    Weight Net : 15kg
    Weight Gross :
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