CG FC200 ECU Programmer Full Version Support 4200 ECUs And 3 Operating Modes Upgrade Of AT200

Product Code : DCG1581
Brand : CGDI
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689.00 EUR
585.00 EUR
CG FC200 ECU Programmer Full Version

CG FC200 ECU Programmer Full Version

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FC200 Highlights:

1. Protect Original Car Parts

More than 98% of ECUs support BENCH mode and OBD mode, no need to open the cover and punch holes to protect the original car.  

2. Intelligent Recognition
The "identification" function can help users better diagnose whether the ECU module is communicating and check whether the wiring is wrong. If the ECU module can communicate without damage and the wiring is correct, the recognition can be successful, and the chip information, hardware information and firmware information can be read out.
3.Module Clone

Supports ECU data reading and writing and module cloning, no synchronization matching, no online programming, data sub-regional burning, automatic verification, and maximum protection of chips and modules.

4. ISN Read and Write
Supports engine computer ISN code acquisition for all BMW series (including Mini), which is convenient for key matching and anti-theft maintenance.
Check FC200 BMW ISN Read and Write List
5.VIN modification

Solve the problem of double VIN or VIN mismatch of vehicles, which is convenient for vehicle maintenance.

6. Data Processing
Support engine computer data analysis and modification for Audi/Seat/Skoda/Volkswagen models;
Support the shutdown of Bosch MED/EDC17 series engine computer anti-theft system;
Support the TPROT off function of Bosch VAG MEDC17 series, BMW/Mini MEVD17/EDC17 series, Hyundai/Kia EDC17/MED(G)17 series.

7. FC200 not only support BMW ECU but also support over three thousands of ECUs like KTAG, Kess, Dimsport etc.
Check FC200 Support ECU List

8. For Checksum Function, Please Check FC200 Support Checksum List for Reference.

9. There are 3 Operating Modes: CAN-BUS, Bench Mode and Boot Mode

10. Multi-Language: English, French, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

11. Full Version with All License Activated. 

Free Update Online for One Year. Annual Fee will be $125/year after the first year.

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