CGDI Godzilla CG007 CG-007 Automatic Key Cutting Machine

Product Code : DCG1007
Brand : CGDI
1,799.00 EUR
1,799.00 EUR

Wifi CG Godzilla CG007 Automotive Key Cutting Machine with Built-in Battery

The CG007 Godzilla portable key CNC processing machine has the characteristics of convenient carrying, super performance, and novel design. It is a new generation of key processing equipment tailored for locksmiths around the world. It is equipped with a 7.0-inch LCD capacitive touch screen, which is easy to operate and can Copy and process all kinds of car keys quickly and accurately.

An excellent choice for any locksmith or garage needing a great, portable and cost effective key cutting machine. The CG007 has support for over 1,000 blade types!

Featuring intelligent key learning technology and an excellent interactive display this tool is ideal to go in the van for a locksmith on the go or be added to compliment any workshop!

CG007 Key Cutting Machine Highlights

  • With 7 inch adjustable screen., built-in database and independent operation  
  • Support both mobile and PC operation, connect to mobile via bluetooth
  • Essential tool for locksmith to recover easier from All Key Lost
  • Free online software update without IP limitation
  • Supports more than 60 global car makers, 2,000 car models and 20,000 all keys lost database
  • Advanced Design, Integrated Casting ,Carefully Selected Materials, Trustworthy Experience
  • The CG007 will cut both cylinder and laser keys with great precision using both its T1 and T2 clamps. Optional T3 clamp supports cutting of FO21 (Tibbe) and SX9 (Cruciform) blades. 
CG Godzilla Key Cutting Machine Features:

Built-in Database

Built-in accurate database, detailed parameters, and clear key graphics.  Based on the blank key data, you can choose the designated blank key from the data to edit its shape, space, width, and depth in order to generate the customized key.
Data of Chinese cars is continuously added into the blank key database. You will have more convenient user experience.
cg007 built in database

Patent Certificate
CG007 Key Cutter Automatic Key Cutting Machine has its Design Patent Certificate, Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate, Utility Model Patent Certificate, and others.
Essential Tool for All Keys Lost:
CG007 Key Cutter contains 3 powerful functions for all keys lost:
1,updated key database,
2,cut by biting & find biting
3, essential tool for locksmith to recover easier from all keys lost.
 cg007 all keys lost

Manufacture Craftsmanship
All aluminum main body, partial accessories is made of 304 stainless steel.
Gross weight : 20KG with stable and durable structure.
Equipped with 3-Axis Precision Ball Screw Transmission, which is more accurate and stable than T Screw Transmission.

Power/Motor Specification
Adopting internal general motor,no-load power loss lower than 5W, built-in 24V brushless motor ; high rotation speed; low noise; minimal vibration; strong reliability and great stability.

Online Update
CG007 Key Cutter supports online update. You can update the program online by connecting CG007 Key Cutting Machine to internet via Wifi without IP limit.
Supports Online file update. Update log will automatically display in software.

Car Database
Massive car brand model key data, including European, American, Japanese, Korean, domestic and other global cars, learn and cut according to the data selected by customers, and support missing tooth query and tooth profile fine-tuning functions.
cg007 car database 1
cg007 car database 2

Universal Key Duplication
Accurate learning according to the shape of the car manufacturer's key and precise cutting according to the learned shape.
Waigou bilateral: mostly used in Japanese, Korean and domestic cars
Inner ditch unilateral: mostly used in European and domestic cars
Neigou bilateral: mostly used in Japanese, Korean and domestic cars
Outer ditch unilateral: mostly used in European, American and domestic cars
Waigou bilateral: mostly used in Japanese and domestic cars     
cgdi cg007 Universal Key Duplication

Cut by Bitting
Contains mainstream key models, which can be learned and cut according to the customer's key model, and supports missing teeth query and tooth profile fine-tuning functions.
cg007 Cut by Bitting


Lost All Query
Covering the key data of mainstream brands such as European, American, Japanese, Korean, etc., the key tooth profile data can be found by using the manufacturer code or the lock cylinder code.

Custom Key
Key processing is performed according to the data defined by the customer.
Waigou bilateral: mostly used in Japanese, Korean and domestic cars
Inner ditch unilateral: mostly used in European and domestic cars
Neigou bilateral: mostly used in Japanese, Korean and domestic cars
Outer ditch unilateral: mostly used in European, American and domestic cars
Waigou bilateral: mostly used in Japanese and domestic cars

History Record
After the key is cut in the database, the device automatically stores the data of the cut key, which can be marked and placed on top according to customer needs.

Device Parameters
Contains processing settings, parameter lists, automatic calibration, test functions, cutting times statistics and language settings. Customers can set and adjust processing settings according to their own requirements. Visualize equipment parameter list data. If there is an error in learning cutting, you can operate the calibration function to calibrate it. It can test the active motor of the equipment and automatically determine whether the motor is normal. The equipment automatically counts the number of cuttings.
Supported languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, Turkish

CG007 Key Cutter Parameter:
Working Temperature: -20-70℃
Humidity: 10-90%
Working Voltage: 90-264V/AC
Input Frequency: 45-68Hz
Net Weight: 10kg
Gross Weight: 20kg
Power: 200W
USB port: USB2.0
IPS Display: 1024x600
Motor Rotation Speed: 16000rpm
With inner and outer slot clip
With built-in battery 

Package List:
1pc x Godzilla Key Cutter Host
1pc x T1 Fixture
1pc x T2 Fixture
1pc x 1.5mm Milling Cutter
1pc x 2.5mm Milling Cutter
2pcs x 1.0mm Probe
1pc x 2mm Minner Hexagon Spanner
1pc x 3mm Minner Hexagon Spanner
1pc x 5mm Minner Hexagon Spanner
1pc x Cleaning Brush
1pc x Power Adapter
1pc x Buit-in Battery
1pc x National Stardard Power Cable (1.5m)
1pc x British Standard Power Cable (1.5m)
1pc x American Standard Power Cable (1.5m)
1pc x European Standard Power Cable (1.5m)
1pc x Product Inspection Certificate, Package List
1pc x User Manual

CG007 Key Cutting Machine Supports more than 60 global car makers, 2000 car models and 20000 all keys lost database
Supported car manufacturers are as follows:
Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Volvo, Honda, Holden, Jeep, Opel, Vauxhall, Chrysler, Dodge, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Jaguar, Audi, Rover (also see Brit.Leyland), Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Duka Di, Saab, Subaru, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Renault, Peugeot, Yamaha, Chevrolet, MG, Scania, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Seat, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Porsche, Citroen, Lincoln, Mercury, Infiniti, Kia, Buick, Cadillac, Rolls Royce, Daewoo, Acura, Bentley, Ford, Land Rover, Skoda, Ssangyong, LDV, Mini, BMW Motors, Honda Motors, General Motors

CG007 Godzilla Key Cutting Machine Vehicle List:
A.L.HBetter BuiltCraftsmanFantic MotorHomakKumahiraMiwaProformSispaUndercover
A.R.E.BicyclesCromodoraFarmaHome DepotKVRMLMPromoSjUnifor
AbarthBig Dog MotorcyclesCroydenFasHonKwiksetM-LoyProRackSkodaUnion
AbloyBimamtaraCTMFastecHonda (Cycles)KynnarpsMMF IndustriesProtoSlaymakerUnited Hospital
ABSBimotaCVLFBHoneywellKYRMobellaProtonSMIUnity Lock
AbsaBisleyCWSFCVHowoLa FonteMoiaPuchSnap OnUS Lock
AceBlauCyber LockFederalHudsonLamborghiniMori GPYCMSofiVachette
ACMBlosterD & DFemsaHudson (Auto)LambrettaMorini FrancoQLPSOHOVago
AcuraBlue BirdDaciaFencoHufLanciaMoskvitchR.G.SopranoValeo
AdlyBMADadFerrariHummerLand RoverMoslerR.O.C.SOSValladerio
A-DZGBMBDaewooFF-FacchinettiHupmobileLaneMoto BecaneRabbitSouthcoValnes
AegisBMCDAFFiamHurdLapercheMoto GuzziRadSouthern FolgerVario
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