BMW EWS2 Immo Emulator

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    1. EWS immo emulator for bmw

    2. Remove original EWS2 control unit, find +12v ACC, GND, K-line wires, attach emulator. Emulator must be in service mode: JUMPER 1 shorted.
    3. Connect ANY K-line diagnostic adapter to vehicle diagnostic connector and launch EMULATOR
    8. Choose COM port, write in desired ISN number, press button Store. Or -
    9. For some ECU s it is possible to read ISN number directly from engine control unit. In this case select option "ECU xxxxx", press Read. Software will try to read ISN. If successful, choose option "EWS emulator" and press button Store to save ISN number into emulator.
    10. Disconnect emulator from K-line, remove JUMPER 1 and connect K output from emulator to DME(DDE) <-> EWS line.
    11. Don't forget to short two starter relay wires (EWS connector)!
    12. Car is ready to start.



    In case of EWS3.2 similar procedure is used, only difference is that that it is NOT connected directly to diagnostic K-line.

    There are NO any counters or car starts limited. You can change and store new ISN without any limitations.

    Emulator is shipped with JUMPER 1 shorted. For testing purposes ISN 0579 is stored by default.


    Support & parameters:

    support all  BMW EWS2 EWS3.2 IMMO (immobilizer) (E34, E36, E38, E39, E46).

    Can not be used on CAS immo

    Make sure your car is EWS2 and EWS3.2 IMMO


    Package Including:


    for BMW EWS  emulator X 1 pcs
    We will send software: 'EMULATOR CONFIGURATION We UTILITY'   to your mail box.
    Please tell us your email address at the back of the order.
    If send fails, we will contact you.


    BMW EWS3




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