Toyota Verso Prius Remote Key 434MHz ID70E (SuperChip) 5PCS

Product Code : RTY1405
Brand : Toyota
210.00 EUR
185.00 EUR
210.00 EUR
185.00 EUR


Part No

89904-47020 - B31EG-485 


Verso, Prius


2 Buttons, Lock and Unlock


434MHz ASK


SuperChip DST ID70E P1:34

Keyless Entry

No/Slot Type

Key Profile

Silca TOY43


After Market


How to Programming?


Key Programming Devices from OBD


Manuel Procedure:

1. The vehicle should be in the following condition-A. The key is NOT inserted in the ignition, B. The driver's door IS open, C. The driver’s door is UNLOCKED.

2. Insert the Key into the ignition switch and then pull it out.

3. Press the Master Door Lock Switch 5 times from Lock to Unlock.

4. Close the Driver's door then open it.

5. Repeat step #3.

6. Now select the mode by inserting the key into the Ignition Switch and turning it to the "Run" or "On" position. The programming mode is determined by the amount of times you go from “key off” to the "key on" position and back before pulling the key out.





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