Renault immo Emulator

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    After decoding of Renault injection computer using RENAULT RESET TOOL or by entering security code, in most cases you can start engine, but some of injection computers can not operate without immobilizer code stored in their memory. Diesel EDC15C3, DCU3R and MSA15, petrol SIRIUS32 (except those for 1.4Lengine) and FENIX5 for 2.0L 16V engine require working unlocked (with good key) immobilizer unit or Renault immobilizer emulator. Use together with RENAULT ECU DECODER for a complete kit.


    All Renault models, fitted with single-data-wire coded immobilizers. I.E.from 1994 approx. until the introduction of CAN (2001 to 2003, dependingon exact model).


    • Immo pin code is not required
    • Decode the ecu using the renualt ecu decoder.
    • Only 3 wires to connect: Ignition, Ground and Data.
    • Small module size
    • Module is designed to be left permanently connected to the car.
    • Non-volatile memory means no data loss, even after flat batteries or jump startS.
    • Module can be used again if need be.


    As the name suggests, the Emulator Module is capable of emulating an immobilizer data stream to the ecu. It can do this every time ignition is turned on,


    meaning that you have a car which simply starts, even just using a steel (non electronic) key.




    Note that once the module is fitted to a car, the original equipment immobilizer is effectively disabled.
    or need to make your customer aware of this, so that they can arrange to fit an alternative deviceas required.




    Petrol ECU's








    SAGEM SAFIR (55pin)


    SAGEM SAFIR2 (35pin)


    for BOS CH. MOTRONIC MP7.0






    Diesel ECU's


    for BOS CH. MSA15.5 (DTI)


    for BOS CH. EDC15C3 (DCI)


    LUCAS DCU3R (1.9D)


    Coded fuel cut-off valve (1.9D DDS)





    The engine ECU won't run the engine until it receives a coded message (a 'unique' number) from the immobilizer. The 'unique' part means that every immobilizer is different,


    and so swapping immobilizers won't help get a car running. There is no starter motor cut on Renault models. The immobilizer may be a stand alone unit, or it maybe built in to a larger control unit.


    Once the ecu has been decoded, the emulator should be fitted as shown, this can be done direct to the ecu or along the immobilizer wiring loom.


    After connecting the emulator cut the immobilizer line from the immobilizer unit as shown.



    Fitting Process:


    1. Ensure that the ecu has been decoded. This can be done with the Renault ecu decoder


    2. Connect the module to the car's wiring harness: Red wire to ignition feed, black wire to earth, and yellow wire to the data wire


    3. Cut the wire to the immobilizer, so that the module is connected directly to the engine ECU, and the immobilizer is out of the circuit.


    4. Turn ignition back on, the car should now start.



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