Volvo C30 S40 C70 V50 Steering Column Lock Simulator Emulator

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  • SCL Emulator for C30/S40/C70/V50 VOLVO SCL ESL EMULATOR


    You can use S40 Emulator If original SCL board responds to CEM Requests. So the Emulator can grab some data from CEM / SCL communication.


    1) Please short circuit the jumper inside

    2) use +12 and gnd in the vehicle's obd cable ( obd 16 pın 12+V ) obd 3/4 pın gnd 

    3) Whether the vehicle's original elv plug is plugged in, connect the green pin of the emulator to the 4 pins of the elv cable from the back of the socket and turn on the ignition. ( In this way, you can match the emulator to your vehicle.)

    4 ) remove wires and open jumper

    5) unplug orginal elv plug and connect emulator



    1  NULL

    2: YE-BU  + 12v RED

    3: BK-WH  - gnd BLACK

    4: GY-BU  data GREEN


    Orijinal SCL connector pinout:

    1: unused

    2: + (plus) YE-BU

    3: - (minus) BK-WH

    4: LIN   GY-BU

    volvo-discription-1024x707.png (235 KB)

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